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Our story

Our Stories

How can I help you see today? You know that guy that sits down with you when you are picking out frames at the optometry office? The guy that is awkwardly close to your face? Yeah, that used to be me. I was an optician sitting in an optometrist’s office, sifting through frame by frame with hundreds of customers each day, trying to find them the perfect fit.

In combination with my passion for entrepreneurship and style, I ventured out with the goal to provide highly affordable, stylish, and versatile everyday eyewear to the masses. With the Internet, I knew I could reach anyone. After fitting thousands of frames, I knew what people wanted – and I knew how to find them solutions.

My vision for Gamma Ray Optics is to raise the standards of everyday eyewear, while lowering your price points and still providing great style options for any occasion. I want to help you look good and see better in all that life has to offer. The technological and utility elements included in our glasses, along with our competitive price points, allow for multiple frame purchases to keep you stylish and visually protected.
Whether you are outside, in the office, gaming, or on the go, Gamma Ray Optic’s wide selection of frames will keep your eyes covered. Try them on and see where life can take you.

Gamma Ray Cheaters Sunglass Collection (GR CH line)

Want a fast pass for any occasion? Our new line of amazingly light weight, durable, and polarized Cheaters sunglasses collection will protect your eyes and put you at the front of the line wherever life takes you. These trendy and vintage inspired frames come with free frame cord and carrying pouch that acts as a cleaning cloth for your convenience. Choose from an array of fun colors and pick one up for every occasion. At our guaranteed low prices, you know you are cheating the system and all of life's unnecessary glare!

Gamma Ray FlexLite Collection (GR OG line)

With the collection that started it all, our original Gamma Ray FlexLite collection is a popular and neutral solution for protection against the ever-prevalent digital screens of our multimedia devices. Innovatively designed and made with remarkably lightweight and flexible TR90 memory nylon frames, this collection will fit anyone’s head comfortably. From browsing on your tablets to playing computer games and watching your favorite TV shows, Gamma Ray FlexLite computer glasses will protect your eyes from digital eye strain so you can enjoy your favorite viewing activity even longer. Each Gamma Ray Classic FlexLite frame is RX-compatible, allowing you to fit our frame at any optometrist with your personal prescription.

Gamma Ray FlexLite Readers Collection (GR OR and GR ER line)

Do you do a lot of reading on your computer, tablet, or work under fluorescent lighting? If reading is a part of your daily equation, then the combined optical technology of readers and anti-blue ray lenses of Gamma Ray FlexLite Readers will help keep your eyes reading-ready in any environment. Our affordable price points and fashion forward styles will allow you to pick up a pair for working at the office, home, or outside. Each Gamma Ray FlexLiteReaders frame is RX-compatible, allowing you to fit our frame at any optometrist with your personal prescription.

Gamma Ray Readers Collection (GR R line)

Our high quality readers are inspired by classic styles and cater specifically to bookworms and heavy readers who spend most of their day or leisurely time looking at text. While we aim to provide your eyes with protection during working hours or while enjoying your favorite hobby, we also aim to indulge your senses with a gamut of styles and fits to keep you in first-rate style, visually prepared, and enjoying maximum comfort. Each Gamma Ray Classic Readers frame is RX-compatible, allowing you to fit our frame at any optometrist with your personal prescription.

Gamma Ray Essentials Collection (GR E line)

Gamma Ray Essentials frames cater to the cost conscious individual who is on the lookout for a solution to his essential eye care needs. Whether you are gearing up for your next gaming session or strapping down for some leisurely browsing, Gamma Ray Essentials provide an affordable and easy fit that proves comfortable in any setting. Keep your viewing unobstructed and fill your essential eyewear needs by picking up a pair of Gamma Ray Essentials, today! Each Gamma Ray Essentials frame is RX-compatible, allowing you to fit our frame at any optometrist with your personal prescription.

Gamma Ray Stealth Sunglass Collection (GR S line)

A superb yet practical pairing of style and everyday functionality, Gamma Ray Stealth sunglass frames use advanced TR90 nylon polymer material that is lightweight, crack-resistant, and able to stand well against extreme temperatures. The frames are equipped with impact-resistant polycarbonate polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Protecting your eyes and enhancing your attitude for less than $20, Gamma Ray Stealth sunglasses will naturally be your go-to frame for relaxed and active outings. Make sure to check out our Gamma Ray Stealth Titanium collection for an ultra-light, hypoallergenic eyewear solution.

Gamma Ray Titanium Frames Collection (GR ST line)

Created from a superior element and inspired by classic designs, the Gamma Ray Titanium frame collection is the embodiment of timelessness and durability. Titanium frames are virtually inert and on average over 40% lighter than regular metal frames. This allows the frame to be resistant to corrosion and reduce the pressure that it will have on your nose, ears, and temples. Gamma Ray titanium frames are manufactured using the ion plating process, which makes the frames hypoallergenic and greatly reduces the sensitivities caused by nickel normally found in regular metal frames. Wear the enduring style of our Gamma Ray Titanium collection and relish in the selection of anti-blue ray lenses and polarized polycarbonate lenses. Each Gamma Ray Titanium frame is RX-compatible, allowing you to fit our frame at any optometrist with your personal prescription.

We love to hear from you on our customer service, merchandise, website or any topics you want to share with us. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.