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GAMMA RAY UV400 52mm Adult Classic Style Sunglasses – Choose Your Color


Package Includes: 1 Pair of 52mm Classic Style Sunglasses. Available in multiple color combinations.

PROTECTION FROM SUNLIGHT – Shield your eyes when outdoors and exposed to the Sun’s bright rays. Whether you are exercising, enjoying your vacation, sunning at the beach, or playing sports, Gamma Ray Classic Style Sunglasses give you the sunlight protection you need.

CLASSIC STYLE – Based on the incredibly stylish Gamma Ray Classic Style Sunglasses which feature modern designs that offer clear vision free of distortions, along with thin lightweight frames that are ergonomically designed to be comfortable. The Gamma Ray Classic Style is engineered to be impact resistant and 10 times stronger than other plastic and glass lenses. Features scratch resistant polycarbonate frames that are built to last.

TAC LENS – These sunglasses are TAC Polarized with 100% UV400 protection lenses to guard against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Multiple lens layer technology enables polarization, durability, UV protection and shatterproof features.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – Try today absolutely risk free with our 90 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and experience the quality under our Lifetime frame and lens breakage Warranty coverage. If the product does not work out for you, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

  • Brown Lens on Havana
  • Gradient Brown Lens on Tortoise
  • Gradient Gray Lens on Black
  • Gray Lens on Black
  • Gray Lens on Clear
  • Gray Lens on Crystal Brown
  • Gray Lens on Matte Blue
  • Gray Lens on Matte Cargo Green
  • Gray Lens on Matte Orange
  • Gray Lens on Matte Purple
  • Gray Lens on Matte Red
  • Gray Lens on Matte White
  • Gray Lens on Matte Yellow
  • Mirror Blue Lens on American Flag
  • Mirror Blue Lens on Black
  • Mirror Blue Lens on Clear
  • Mirror Blue Lens on Matte White
  • Mirror Green Lens on Matte Black
  • Mirror Orange Lens on Matte Black
  • Mirror Pink Lens on Black
  • Mirror Pink Lens on Matte White
  • Mirror Silver Lens on Black
  • Mirror Silver Lens on Clear
  • Olive Lens on Emerald Tortoise
  • Olive Lens on Matte Black
  • Olive Lens on Tortoise
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Your GAMMA RAY OPTICS Sunglasses come with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. With the unique design of UV400 protected lenses, guard your eyes from UV rays while staying stylish!

A superb yet practical pairing of updated styling and casual functionality, the frames are equipped with impact resistant, TAC polarized lenses which provide 100% UV protection. Protecting your eyes and enhancing your attitude at an affordable value, GAMMA RAY OPTICS sunglasses will naturally be your go to frame for relaxed and active outings.

Help us spread the word and enjoy your new pair of GAMMA RAY OPTICS shades under the sun as they are protected from manufacturer's defects with a Lifetime Warranty. This warranty does not cover scratched lenses, broken or abused frames resulting from normal wear and tear.

We make it our mission to protect your eyes outdoors and indoors. Check out our full line of anti-blue ray (HEV light), computer glasses as they are made to protect you from digital eyestrains caused by the ever-prevalent digital screens of daily life.

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Brown Lens on Havana, Gradient Brown Lens on Tortoise, Gradient Gray Lens on Black, Gray Lens on Black, Gray Lens on Clear, Gray Lens on Crystal Brown, Gray Lens on Matte Blue, Gray Lens on Matte Cargo Green, Gray Lens on Matte Orange, Gray Lens on Matte Purple, Gray Lens on Matte Red, Gray Lens on Matte White, Gray Lens on Matte Yellow, Mirror Blue Lens on American Flag, Mirror Blue Lens on Black, Mirror Blue Lens on Clear, Mirror Blue Lens on Matte White, Mirror Green Lens on Matte Black, Mirror Orange Lens on Matte Black, Mirror Pink Lens on Black, Mirror Pink Lens on Matte White, Mirror Silver Lens on Black, Mirror Silver Lens on Clear, Olive Lens on Emerald Tortoise, Olive Lens on Matte Black, Olive Lens on Tortoise